dod3My sister was here in August so I was planning way ahead when I did this Day of the Dead sugar skull look. But it's something that I really wanted to do with her since I saw her recreate the look I did for NBC Latino last year. There was no time better than the present.

day of the dead tween It was one of those long work days where I just had enough. I could not bare to be in front of the computer anymore. I looked over at my sister and said "Do you want to do a Day of the Dead face painting with me?" She immediately lifted up her head from her phone (these tweens and their phones, I tell ya) and gave me the biggest smile ever. I took that as a yes so I grabbed my face painting supplies (and my enormous collection of gems) and got to work. dayofthedead I used Ben Nye clown paint and Kryolan's Rainbow Wheel for the heart. For the eyes, you can use regular eyeshadow. For the nose and designs I used Ben Nye MagiColor in black.The hair flowers and gems are from Michael's Arts & Crafts. dod8 I think a half face is perfect for a kid, especially if you want to add gems and small details. It can take a quite a bit of time, and most kids may not want to sit for that long ... Or if you feel like you must spread your face painting wings, you can torture your child like I did last year - Full face, gems, the works. You can see my son's Day of the Dead look here. It was a three hour ordeal but my son was super cooperative. He really wanted to see the finished look, and it actually was a really great time (albeit long). In general, anything art related is fun to do with your kids. And if it's tied into cultural, even better.

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