Day of the Dead


couplemikeysmbrush mikeycloseup day of the dead day of the dead My Day of the Dead makeup certainly got more elaborate than it was last year! It was a whole family affair. And did I mention it was a lot of fun too? It's really an awesome experience when you're hanging out with your favorite people and creating art while listening to music. From going over ideas, buying makeup and dressing up -- these a great things to do as a couple or a family.

Day of the Dead is a beautiful tradition that originated in Mexico and celebrates the lives of those who passed. I'm Puerto Rican and Ecuadorian so it's not a tradition I grew up with nor did I really know about it until I moved to Los Angeles. The first time I'd heard of it was during a visit to my son's kindergarten class. The children were making sugar skulls. Intrigued, I looked it up and immediately fell in love with its history and approach toward the idea of death, which completely differed from how it's perceive in America.

Embracing this new tradition in my life, I think of my grandmother this time of year and how much she contributed to my life with her generosity and love. She's always there watching over me and her grandson, who she got to see be born before she passed. That was an experience she always wanted. Her life is certainly one I celebrate, as she would have wanted me to. After all, in the 11 years she battled cancer, my grandmother stayed strong and lived life with passion. day of the dead

If you're celebrating Day of Dead this year, and would like to see a step by step makeup tutorial, I made two versions. One for guys and one for women!