click and dress


If you're anything like me, you have no choice but to shop online. Work and mom life has given me very little window shopping opportunities. Although I do think we should all do our best to go to the actual store, walk around a mall or peruse the shops in your local metropolitan area. It's just - healthy. However, I do love to go online and check for looks seasons ahead. I like to plan out what I want to wear and some of the styles I'd like to explore. Recently, I was asked to try a site called My Style Genie. The site offers a personal style report with tips and tricks for dressing for your body shape, a shopping style guide and the latest in trends. You can create your own look book, track your outfits and be part of a social networking community along with fellow fashion obsessed friends.

As you can tell, I like a very sleek look and a sexy heel. After surfing around the site, I found a few outfits I would love to have for the Spring. Check it out, my friends. Tell me what you think!