Back in January I wrote post about my new venture in homeschooling. I was nervous, excited and anxious to see what it was all about. I started a color-coded calendar and had all the days "figured" out. That lasted, oh, about two weeks. I quickly learned that we had to take it day by day. My son had gone to a public school his whole life. I was very happy with the school, the teacher, the sense of community and the strong parent/teacher body. But - that quickly ended at 5th grade graduation. In the fall, we entered (drum roll) middle school - a huge place where all three elementary schools joined forces under one roof. Again, I was very happy with the district and felt my son was in excellent hands. However, the classroom size proved to be too overwhelming for my son. Some kids just do better in smaller settings. I know. I was one of them. But that's just one factor that led to my decision to homeschool - way too many to list here. I work from home and decided I could give my son the one on one time he needed. Homeschooling is not for everyone, and if you work from home, it certainly means lots of long nights playing catch up. But, it's so worth it to me. Recently, I helped launch our LATISM LA party in conjunction with the White House summit. It was an extraordinary evening and we were so excited to meet leaders in Education, who are working hard to create change. At the summit, my son got to ask Ken Salazar about the future of classrooms. Have a look! I'm so proud of this little dude right here.