This post is a paid collaboration with Crest and Latina Bloggers Connect. All opinions are mine.Crest #CelebrateCloser These pictures were taken the day before the World Cup games began, which was also the day before my son was scheduled to leave to Philly to be with family. Needless to say, we didn't get to watch the games together but there have been plenty of calls, texts and Skypes filled with disappointments and cheers alike. Soccer is really the only sport I enjoy so it's awesome that my son can tell me about games and players, and I actually know what he's talking about!

The games have been a nail-biting and exciting experience, but what I love the most is how countries and people have come together. I felt so much pride when Ecuador played their hearts out with Alexander Domínguez leaping to stop those goals. However, I have to admit that my overwhelming joy was accompanied with a bit of sadness. You see, I grew up with a lot of tradition brought down to me from my grandparents and great aunts and uncles. And after moving to LA, a lot of that was lost. My son will never know the beauty of seeing grandparents talk over a cup of cafecito, going to la iglesia con los hermanos y hermanas and knowing what it's like to be surrounded by tías and tíos at Sunday dinner. Sure, I've tried to pass down as much as I could to my son but being second and first generation myself from each parent - It's simply not the same. It was through fútbol that I realized this needed to change, and that I had spent too much time trying to adapt to my new circumstances instead of working harder to make sure my son truly understood where he comes from. Crest #CelebrateCloser Right now, Crest is at its peak of the Celebrate Closer campaign, which includes posts like this one illustrating that the further your team goes, the closer you get. You definitely want to make sure you're nice and minty if you're watching games with family and friends. We have Crest Complete Multi-Benefit Deep Clean toothpaste here at home, and it will definitely do the job.

Although the term "celebrate closer" took a whole other form for me, I think it clearly shows the power of the World Cup. Seeing brands like Crest online celebrating with everyone was pretty darn cool, and I'm all for companies who are human. Check out this video and celebrate with them too! Want to save money? Crest has you covered too! Grab yourself a few coupons and stay in touch with them on Twitter. AND, if you're free tomorrow evening, join us for the #CelebrateCloser Twitter Party at 5pm PT/8pm ET. RSVP HERE!