mary kay brpnzerBefore I go into my excitement about trying out Mary Kay's CC Cream, allow me to briefly explain the difference between this cream and BB cream, which is what I've been using prior to makeup application. BB Cream stands for Beauty Balm (or blemish Balm) and is the multi-tasker of skin creams. It hydrates and evens out skin tone and treats the skin with antioxidants and other anti-aging ingredients. Many BB cream products offer broad-spectrum SPF and leave your skin with an illuminating glow. I started using it about year ago, and realized it was doing the trick when my boyfriend commented on how flawless my skin looked. He's not the kind of guy to notice those details like we do so that pretty much confirmed that my BB cream was doing its job. CC Cream stands for Color Corrector, and is designed to address things like redness and skin discoloration. My skin is olive in color and has lots of areas with dark blemishes from acne and hormones (darn you 40!). The texture is also lighter and translucent in most CC Creams.

Mary Kay sent me a great CC Cream set in four different shades (ranging from very light to deep foncée, which is like a rich caramel color). Looks like I may need to play around with my new creams and do a bit of contouring. Notice I said a bit. Although I've seen amazing contouring transformations, a subtle difference is more my thing. I was also given two beautiful bronzers just in time for Spring. Thank you so much Mary Kay!

(purse: Anthropologie)