california nights


There's nothing like a candle-lit dinner on a starry night by the ocean. Pour the red wine, please. These nights are perfect for gazing into each others eyes and holding hands as we talk lovingly about how we need to build the bookshelves for our home classroom ::record scratch:: Yep, shelf building and books. But, here's where it gets weird. We enjoy it. Planning home projects, a good art documentary, the next family trip, our health, the environment and how can we make the every day richer and fuller while squeezing in much needed relax time - are all tops on the grown-up talk list for me and the hubs. Precisely why I enjoy meeting people from different walks of life, who share similar passions and have a fantastic sense of humor about this thing called - life. This is exactly what happened during a recent trip down the coast. Oh, and throw in a pair of comfortable animal print flats and here's to an awesome evening out. Now, could you please pass the crab cakes?

Thank you Toyota for the trip to La Jolla, Estancia for your hospitality and Cali weather for the perfect evening.

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