Black and White Mini Pumpkin Tealights


DIY Mini Pumpkin TealightsMy son and I went to a pumpkin patch nearby and picked up a bunch of pumpkins just for fun. We brought them home and we were both like "now what?" I think we may have gotten a bit carried away in our enthusiasm for pumpkins. We pretty much picked up every size imaginable, including one that was about 45-50 lbs. We decided to save that one for some carving fun, and the little guys became mini canvases and the perfect size for candle decor. After perusing Pinterest for ideas, I decided I absolutely love black and white pumpkins. Did you think otherwise? My last few posts have been an homage to black and white! Love how clean the combo looks. The best part about making these tea lights was the company. I loved putting on music and sitting with my guys to paint. These tea lights were made with a lot of laughter, ease and Pearl jam. Yes, you must play rock's greatest band when painting.

If you'd like to recreate this with your loved ones, I posted a tutorial for Latina Mom. You can find all the step by step details there.