My son is 12 years old so my pregnancy seems like forever ago (Y2K, Napster and Ricky Martin, anyone?) It was the most precious time of my life but, at the same time, I went through things many moms go through - Postpartum depression, drastic weight fluctuation, exhaustion and "me" time guilt. I poured every bit of myself into my son. I couldn't help it, he was the light of my life. But I had no balance and put everything, including myself, at the bottom of the list. As a mother we should give our children all of ourselves however, we should never give up the other things that make us happy. Way deep down I knew that and still lectured & taught a few art workshops during the week in an attempt to stay connected to "grown up" dialogue. But all the changes happened so fast, in turn affecting the way I looked, my weight and perspective on - everthing. At that time, I didn't use the internet as a resource to find communities, to reach out to other moms. I felt isolated and convinced myself that I was no longer allowed to indulge. Hello, mom jeans! This, coming from a woman who had been fashion obsessed most of her life. She now questioned her depth and priorities every time she entered a mall.

Fast forward to recent years - my life has evolved, and so has my thinking - my world. I've met so many mothers who'd felt this way too. I wasn't alone, after all. When Candice and Kadi asked me to contribute to Birthing Hip, a site for moms who embrace their new bodies, love fashion and want to share their tips and Must-Haves, I immediately jumped on board. So please join me as I write about my passion for style, fashion history/icons - with an emphasis on silhouettes and clothes that tuck, hide, and elongate. For example, the Banana Republic wrap dress I'm wearing is my go-to look when it's one of those days and I need to dress up. I have lots of tips to share. See you there!

(dress-banana republic, shoes-zara, purse-michael kors, bracelet-heart of haiti for macy's)