I absolutely love the sound of a shaking spray can ready to burst into a splash of beautiful color on a wall or canvas. It reminds me of the incessant begging I did when Beat Street came out in theaters ten thousand years ago. "Mom, please take me. PLEASE." She wasn't into any of my hip-hop, graf obsessed interests, but she took me. Poor Ramo. Do you remember when he sprayed up that abandoned building apartment for him and his family to live in? That was a stretch. But, I got it, it was about the passion for what he did. My mom, on the other hand, was not convinced and worried quite a bit about my taste in art. Oh, the 80s. But street art has come such a long way since then. Two weeks ago, Crewest Gallery partnered up with Estria for a full day of art battling and it was an amazing time.

The Estria Invitational Graffiti Battle is an urban art competition that takes place annually. It was created to honor hip-hop arts and communicate social justice issues and empower communities. I'm continuously fascinated by the way street art has evolved. Thoughts?