april instamuse


I really can't start each post with an apology for disappearing. I need to just do it. Get it together. And write. Truth is, it's been really, really busy and the thought of sitting in front of the computer longer than I already do seems like a daunting idea. When I'm off, that's it. I'm off. But I love blogging. I love photo editing. I just really need to figure out a balance that will work. I love documenting my life and writing. And because of that, I've been cheating on my blog with Instagram. One requires commitment and nurturing. The other is quick and easy. Just saying. But it's been perfection for the month of April, which has been jam packed with work, travel, teen mom happenings ... and romance.

I think this collage sums it up well - A trip to South Florida (which I will - I promise - blog about) and back to LA. All in the company of great friends, new ones, someone very, very special and my other love Instagram. To join the love-fest or partake in my self-indulgent debauchery of images, you can find me at @theartmuse.

(Photo: View from the Eden Rock, Miami Fl/ Morikami Museum and Japanese Gardens, Delray Beach Fl/ The Huntington, San Marino CA/ Venice Beach CA/Chandelier glitz at Pop Champagne, Pasadena CA)