On Friday, I declared a 'me' day and headed directly to Anthropologie. That store gives me that "aaaaaahhhh" feeling when I walk in. It makes me want to wear aprons and pour lemonade into ornate goblets. Only on 'me' days do I ponder 'tea cups or belts?'  I fell in love with this Maeve dress. They always create a beautiful silhouette, especially if you've been eating apple tartlets all weekend. Plus, I like that it can go either way with heels or flats. You know, for those days my feet win the "women should never wear flats' battle that lurks in my head.

Oh, and still keeping in mind the bathroom venture I started a few days ago, I also found some amazing trinkets (post to come - soonish)

(Dress/Anthropologie, Necklace/F21, Shoes/Steve Madden)