I decided to bring my week in pictures posts back. There are so many in between moments that I capture and would love to share. I think Fridays may the day I take a moment to reflect on all the fun things life throws my way and the moments we create for ourselves.Green Juice - Kale and Banana My son is back from visiting family in Philadelphia, which was one month full of grandparent fun and food. Lots of it! Whenever he goes east, he can't enough of hoagies, pizzas, cheese steaks and so on. This week, I've been trying to get some greens in his system with different types of green juice. It's not his favorite but he really likes this one I make for him - Kale, banana, coconut milk, a slice of avocado and a dash of cinnamon. I also add a scoopful of Vitaforce. It's definitely teen approved. But he's asked me to never tell him what's in it. Ann Taylor jewelry I stopped by Ann Taylor this week and wracked up on their jewelry. I always love a good sale. Their transitioning into Fall so now is a good time to get a few pretty pieces for your jewelry box. I really love their statement necklaces and earringsand their clutches as you can see here, here and here. Urban Decay BiggerBadderlashes Perversion Mascara After a busy work day, I attended Urban Decay's Perversion Mascara launch party this week at Sayer's Club with my guy and a few friends for some much needed social time. Great people, great food and great products, of course! I haven't tried my goodies yet but looking forward to a sexy eye look for my birthday. Yep. That's coming up next week! Culina Desserts Whew. I'm still full. Last night, my partner in crime Ana and I were invited by the Four Seasons to have dinner at Culina Restaurant while my guys spent some QT together ala Planet of the Apes. Oh my goodness, the food was so delicious. Expect a blog post shortly with their menu options. We were served several amazingly creative and rich dishes. If you're in LA, I really hope you're taking advantage of Restaurant Week. There are so many amazing places to eat, and Culina is definitely one of them. You have to try their olive oil cake. It's that good! I may do a few more #DineLA things this coming week, which will require very comfy clothes. Looks like I may be wearing this jumpsuit all week long.

I hope you have an awesome weekend, muses!