Lately I've been feeling that my ultimate source of inspiration has been missing from my life - Art. I've been working so much and have gotten so caught up in the day to day, I've completely neglected my greatest passion - with the exception of an occasional art show here and there. Looking at, talking about and creating art is what keeps me most inspired, and I'm at my happiest when I surround myself with beautiful and thought provoking images. To remedy this, I decided I needed to take moments out of the day to grab an art book, sketch something simple or photograph all the things that inspire me throughout the week. To start, I organized all of the art books I love the most and the ones I've collected during grad school to make them more visible in my living room. In doing so, I noticed that I had quite the little collection of Frida related books. Something about her work invigorates me, and it was just what I needed after several long few weeks in front of a computer screen. There have been a few last minute events I needed to attend (and dress quickly for) in the last few weeks. I have to say that I'm in love with Mary kay's Zen collection for spring. The Pink Pagado lip laquer has been my go-to color and absolute perfection for day and night.

I'd been wanting get a pair of beige ankle strap heels, and fell in love with these. So much so, I bought the flat version too! I'm not a fan of flats but there's no way to get around it. I'm not going to kill myself shopping at Von's for eggs in 5 inch heels. These two are perfect for those days when your outfit is versatile enough to change shoes for a quick day-to-night look. I'm always thinking of on-the-go solutions, which was the case when my friends and I decided to take on an impromptu visit to Bergamont Station to catch a few shows before they closed.

We caught the very end of the Herb Alpert exhibit at Robert Berman Gallery.

And this week we also said goodbye to the seventh grade. We celebrated the beginning of summer vacation with cherry snow cones at the Farmer's Market, which was also a perfect way to end the week.